GiveBackWorks provides a unique networking toolbox to help business owners

  • Learn how to improve networking and presentation skills
  • Integrate traditional networking activities with digital platforms
  • Confidently apply these platforms with facilitator and peer support
  • Practice using them with like-minded people in a supportive environment
  • Develop good working relationships capable of giving and receiving referrals
  • Connect and build networks with more customers as well as fellow members

At the monthly MasterClass meetings, facilitators show members how to use the GiveBackWorks networking toolbox. Members are encouraged to practice their newly acquired networking skills with their colleagues. Support and encouragement from facilitators and peers in a safe environment is invaluable.

GBW TV provides a range of informative factsheets and guides. These are used in tandem with the monthly meetings and personal mentoring to achieve the best results.

New members are assigned a buddy or mentor who meets them at each meeting and introduces them to fellow members. One-to-one networking before and after the monthly meetings is really important. It’s the only way members get to know each other properly, build long-term working relationships and generate referrals.

The whole ethos of GiveBackWorks is that people who give something back to their colleagues or customers receive more work in return.

For people selling to businesses (B2B) giving something back means helpful peer support, personal guidance and friendly advice. This translates into professional confidence, goodwill and more referrals.

For people selling to consumers (B2C) giving something back means loyalty incentives, preferential treatment and special offers. The monthly GiveBackWorks promotional email and website offers pages are great promotional tools.